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International industrial distribution city

development goal

International industrial distribution city
  • create high value added benefit connecting with Busan New Port scheduled to be nurtured as Northeast Asian hub port
  • form the central axis of Dongnam area state-of-the-art industrial belt
  • solve the original problem of serious industrial distribution land shortage

project summary

  • location/size : the area of Nakdong river downstream Gangseo area of about 33㎢
  • hosted by : Busan city, Korean Land & Housing corporation, Busan City Corporation, Korean Water Source Corporation
  • project cost : about 11 trillion won
  • project period : 2008. ~ 2020.

development plan

development plan
division location size(㎢) cost(the unit: hundred million won) period remark
total 33.0 110,000 ‘10~’20
1step sub total 9.65 39,300 ‘10~’20
general industrial complex(1-①,②,③) Mieumdong 5.7 23,600 ‘10~’14
Myeongji preliminary land Myeongjidong 2.0 7,700 ‘10~’14 Myeongji area is included
Dunchi island development Bongrimdong 1.95 8,000 ‘13~’20
2step sub total 23.35 70,700 ‘12~’20
national industrial complex(Ⅱ- 1) Daejeodong,
13.46 41,500 ‘12~’20 Ⅱ-1 Busan eco delta city development
Ⅱ-2 Busan research & development special zone designation
national industrial complex(Ⅱ- 2) 9.89 29,200 ‘12~’20

vision and strategy

  • the city playing a major role of realizing national vision for developing the advanced nation
    • strengthen the international status as the global gateway city : various traffic systems such as airport, Busan New Port, continental rail
  • realize the center of Dongnam metropolitan economic block, global industrial distribution hub
    • maximize the synergy effect by clustering Ulsan car making and ship building, Changwon Machine park, Sacheon aviation industry, Geoje ship building industry etc.
    • Busan New Port hinterland area is located in the center of Dongnam area industrial belt and can be used as the base for state-of-the-art industry and distribution
  • increase the competitiveness of Busan through paradigm shift of local development
    • increase city competitiveness in harmony of metropolitan area development paradigm based on big cities
    • hinterland industrial distribution complex development using the best distribution network such as new port and continental rail
      ※ ideal international distribution area connected with Busan new port, Gimhae international airport, and continent crossing rail
      - guarantee the biggest container service route of Northeast Asia
      - ideal international distribution land connecting North America with Europe when the North pole route is developed