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Myeongji market gizzard shad festival

event introduction

"the taste of Myeongji, Nakdonggang river downstream area, and how about giving it a try to eat fresh gizzard shad raw fish?"

Photo of Nakdonggang river

If you want to eat gizzard shad, the most popular autumn fish, then you can go to 'Myeongji market gizzard shad festival' which is held in Myeongji markt, Gangseogu, Busan every September. As old saying goes like 'every family member gathers together to taste gizzard shad in autumn', the fish has thick and hard flesh so it is well known among gourmets that gizzard shad is more delicious that any other live fish.

You can have fresh gizzard shad raw fish at a reasonable price as much as you want during the festival and experience the event to show how to prepare raw fish and free food tasting event as well. This market is most famous traditional market with about 50 years history in Gangseo area, Busan and has become the specialty live fish market in Busan since it was five day market and dawn time market 30 years ago. There are lots of motels near the market so you can easily find the accommodation facilities but there are not enough transportation systems, therefore, to drive your own car is recommended.

event guide

  • period : in the middle of August, 2015
  • location : Myeongji market parking lot area(main stage) and Myeongji IC public parking lot etc.
  • hosted by : Myeongji market sellers' association
  • supervised by : the committee to lead the Myeongji market gizzard shad festival