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Daejeo eco-park

park guide

The eco-park reaches from Gangseo Nakdong bridge to the upper side of Gupo bridge, it is designated as natural monument No.179(migratory birds' habitat in the downstream area of Nakdong river) from the downstream area of the Gupo bridge.

It is also water friendly space with wet land such as Sindeuk wet land, natural grass field, rape blossoms complex and sports facilities such as soccer field, and baseball park etc. In particular, rape blossoms festival which is held in April at rape blossoms complex in the park spanning as wide as 370,000㎡ attracts lots of visitors and has become a new tourist attracting site where people can enjoy their leisure and rest.

Daejeo eco-park
  • size : 2.66㎢
  • length : 7.62km
  • address : the area of 2314-11, Daejeo 1 dong Gangseogu Busan
  • Daejeo eco-park management office: 051-971-6011

development procedure

The park was originally the cultivation site of green house, was selected as the leading project of 4 river restoration project in 2009 and the green houses were removed and restoration project was performed. The sports facilities were installed in some parts of up and down site, and the other places were restored as the wet land and natural grass field etc. therefore, now it plays a role of natural ecological space.

current condition

sports facility condition
sports facility condition
facility name quantity size remark
soccer field 3 9,864*2=19,728㎡(72*137) masato(sandy loam)
baseball park 2 11,600㎡
basketball court 8 608*2=1,216㎡(32*19)
tennis court 8 560*6=3,360㎡(40*14) urethane
gateball park 4 594㎡(27*22)
inline skating rink 1 9,504㎡(72*132)

the current condition of living creatures' habitat(biotope)

Sindeuk wet land
Daejeo eco-park
  • size : 258,004㎡
  • location : under the Sukwangyo bridge
  • Compared to other wet lands, it is deep and is also the big scale habitat for fox nuts, the second level endangered species. The nearby reed, Broad-leaved rice grass, a reed mace and willow dominate the area.
Rape Flower complex
Daejeo eco-park
  • size : 370,000㎡
  • location : from Sukwangyo bridge to Gupo bridge
  • the sightseeing and leisure time space are provided as the plants for watching such as rape, wheat and barley are displayed. Visitors can also enjoy feeding birds and cosmos rest area.
  • The rape flower complex became the big scale cosmos complex from summer to fall, therefore, it provides residents with great sightseeing and leisure time using flower festival from spring to fall.
  • landscape size : 245,730㎡(southern tip of Gupo bridge ~ southern tip of Sukwangyo bridge)
  • sightseeing : cosmos
  • walk : 4km
  • the time of blossom : July ~ September
How to enjoy wheat and barley field road
Daejeo eco-park
  • It is near rape flower complex and wheat, barley field track course experience can be provided with rape flower festival. In additions, the wheat and barley grown here are used to feed winter time migratory birds.
  • location : southern tip of Daejeo eco-park Gupo bridge
  • facility size : 50,000㎡
  • time of blossom : mid April ~ May
high quality bamboo forest track
  • he bamboo forest was built to provide residents with special space along the bank next to park management office and nature friendly leisure space and became the new popular attracting site for Busan citizens.
  • area length : 780m(width 15~20m)
  • plant quantities : 17,840 plants

how to use

bicycle rent
Daejeo eco-park
  • location : in front of Daejeo eco-park management office
  • rental fee : free of charge
  • ID card needs to be presented for rent(two bicycles can be rented per person)
  • rent period: 09:00~17:00(two hours for weekdays, one hour for weekends)
    ※ rent is not available during winter time(Nov.1 ~ Feb.28 of the next year) : 09:30 ~ 16:30, and rental service is not provided during the rainy season
  • beginner level bicycle riders can use only limited service cause of the concern about accidents.
how to reach us
  • by a car
    • northen direction of airport road -> 50m ahead of Gupo bridge -> entering the park by taking right turn in the direction of Nakdong river bank(Daejeo eco-park road signs are installed)
  • when to use public transportation
    • get off at Gangseogu office station in the urban rail line 3 → follow the direction of Gupo bridge → following the direction next to eco-park management office on the Nakdong river bank
    • get off at Gangseogu office stating by bus or village micro bus → follow the direction of Gupo bridge → following the direction next to eco-park management office on the Nakdong river bank