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  • Myeongji international new town

Myeongji international new town

development goal

Myeongji international new town
  • development of international affair city for Northeast Asian international affair and marine business through attracting foreign capital and designing the permanent residential area
  • design international affair facility, foreign education provider, foreign medical service provider, hotel, convention and eco-park

project summary

  • location : area of Myeongjidong Gangseogu Busan
  • size : about 4,476,000㎡(additional preliminary land 1,922,000㎡)
  • population : 56,532명
  • hosted by : Korea Land & Housing corporation
  • project cost : 1 trillion 905.8 billion won
  • project period : 2004. ~ 2015.

main facility

  • international affair
    • design symbolic city spaces such as convention center and international business center etc.
    • expected facilities : international affair, display, exchange facility, convention center, international affair center, business hotel
  • smart work center
    • provide distant work environment equipped with IT infrastructure at nearby residential area
    • expand information and communication infrastructure for the general part of the city(traffic, night time security, facility management etc. are operated by ICT technology)
  • complex type commerce
    • build city center hub by complex development connected with work, culture and commerce
    • expected facility : office, hotel, commerce and convention facility etc.
  • R&D
    • nurture the self sustaining economic growth hub by attracting knowledge based industry
    • expected facility : company and university research center, medical research center and related businesses etc.
  • global campus
    • foreign education service provider, foreign school building: elementary, middle and high school, university and research center
  • global medical town
    • foreign medical service provider building: general hospital, hospital, dental clinic, nursery hospital