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Nakdong river 30 mile(rhee) Cherry Blossom festival

Photo of Nakdonggang river

the goal of festival

the festival locals join as one for all and all for one the festival to co-exist with people, nature and culture in harmony eco-cultural art festival to leap forward as eco-cultural tourist site educational volunteer festival everyone can pleasantly join.

the summary of the festival

  • name: Gangseo Nakdong river side 30 rhee cherry blossom festival
  • period: on the end of March
  • content: culture and art event, experimental exhibition event, unit event
  • hosted by: Busan Gangseogu
  • supervised by: Gangseogu festival promotion committee

festival content

festival content
stage performance event opening event and the eve of the event, daejeo tomato, cherry blossom singing contest, tomato auction, selecting tasty tomato, eating tomato fast, piling tomato high, Gangseo cultural center senior citizen culture sharing volunteer group, Daejeo nonghyeop, wide field culture and tradition class, Gangseo silver choir, Pyeongyang folklore art performance
unit event cherry blossom road slow walking event, Gangseo Nakdong river side drawing contest, cherry blossom 30 rhee road selfie stick contest, Daejeo tomato ecology explore road walking contest
cultural experience event rice consumption promotion, rick cake distribution, rice cake hitting, daejeo tomato tasting event, tomato food display and tasting event, flower pagoda photo zone, calendar frame making, porcelain making, traditional play such as tuho, fortune cookie tasting, environment friendly certificate, gap certified farm product display, the site to compare domestic product with foreign product, flower arranging experience, topiary and tomato raising seeding experience, face painting, nail art, pressed flower key chain, wood art, eye clay, napkin art, fill art, insect watching, fire extinguishing event, tomato taffy breaking, child play zone
festival site market place food market(near the event site), instant food stand installation at lighting installation section, daejeo tomato selling site, wholesale farming food market, food market
other events cherry blossom road(lighting installation section), small scale performance(3 areas)


when to use public transportation : - urban rail: get off at line 3 Gangseogu office station

  • city bus : (Busan) No.123 No.127 No.128-1 No.130, No.307
  • get off at Gangseogu office station / (Gimhae) No.8 get off at Gangseogu office station
  • micro village bus : Gangseo No.2, Gangseo No.5, Gangseo No.7-2, Gangseo No.11, Gangseo No.13, Gangseo No.15 get off at Gangseogu office station