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how to use health center

office hour

  • weekdays : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • dental treatment : Wednesday afternoon(no service)
  • herbal treatment : Thursday afternoon of last week of each month(no service)

treatment service guide

  • primary service : chronic diseases( high blood pressure, diabetes ) and various tests and physical therapy
  • physical therapy : musculoskeletal disease, central nervous system disease, geriatric disease
  • oriental therapy : medical examination by interview, pulse checking, acupuncture, moxa treatment, Cupping Glass Therapy etc.
  • dental service : mouth cavity checking, cavity treatment, periodontal treatment, tooth extraction
  • physical checkup : student, worker, local and work place dependent
  • various tests
    various tests
    test name treatment period remark
    classification test name
    liver function (type 2) AST(SGOT), ALT(SGPT) 3 days
    fatty liver(r-GTP)
    (type 3) AST(SGOT), ALT(SGPT), r-GTP(fatty liver is included)
    hyperlipidemia total cholesterol(T-Cholesterol) 3 days  
    neutral fat(TG)  
    hepatitis type A hepatitis test(antibody test) 2 days  
    type B hepatitis test(normal test)  
    type B hepatitis test(close examination)  
    type C hepatitis test  
    kidney function Creatinine 3 days  
    urea nitrogen(BUN)  
    goat(uric acid) Uric Acid 3 days  
    anemia hemoglobin immediately  
    complete blood counting(CBC) (type 5) 2 days  
    hemoglobin, hematocrit, red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count
    diabetes blood sugar(diabetes) immediately  
    blood HbA1c immediately  
    other test blood type immediately  
    EKG immediately  
    infection(fece) 5 days  
    parasite test oriental liver fluke 2 days
    STD test syphilis(RPR, quality test) 2 days  
    syphilis(TPPA, close test)  
    urine test (type 4) pH, proteinuria, glucose in urine, ocult blood immediately  
    urine microscopy 2 days  
    thyroid gland function test thyroid gland function test 3 days  
    hepatoma(AFP) 7,000
    rubella rubella(antigen.antibody) 3 days  
    AIDS AIDS 2 days anonymous test available
    bone density bone density immediately  
    chest X ray test direct shooting 2 days

health project guide

  • healthy life supporting project : senior citizen health care class, life time health care habit, 1530 walking program etc.
  • smoking clinic : prevent adolescent from smoking, quit smoking class, smoking clinic etc.
  • physical checkup : financial support for the poor, national cancer checking project etc.
  • maternal health : care for the pregnant women, and babies, vaccination for babies, supporting sterile couple etc.
  • home visiting health care : home visiting health care and manage the cancer patient to stay home
  • chronic disease management project : hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease
  • mental health care : mental health care, dementia prevention
  • dental health care: artificial tooth care for the old, scaling project for senior citizens
  • infectious disease preventing project : disinfection, vaccination, infectious disease control, AIDS patient management, TB control
  • medical fee support : cancer patient treatment cost support, support immature baby and baby with natural defect, support patients with the rare disease