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Pot cover Tomato digitalized village

village introduction

Macdo eco-park

Rough Gyengsangdo dialect, Pot Cover tomato village with full of stainless, simple and enough intimacy in spite of its urban location. The village with an interesting name is the delta island made by Pyeonggang stream when the plain was formed at the downstream area of Nakdonggang river, and as it looked like pot cover or gat, Korean traditional hat, it was called Jungkwan (pot hat). As the land is fertile and gets enough sun light, it has the ideal condition for farming and in particular, the tomato grown at this area is known for its excellent taste and quality.

current condition

  • location : Junggwan village Daejeo 2 dong Gangseogu Busan
  • village committee chief : Gu Kwangsuk 011-9506-2488
  • village information center : 051-970-4345☞ It is selected as "encouragement level village" according to 2008 village digitalization operation evaluation of ministry of the interior.


  • http://tomato.invil.org
  • The related information on pot cover tomato and experience program are provided, and you can purchase the tomato and apply for the experience program as well.

village information center: 051-970-4345

Information center installed on the second floor of village center provides digitalization education for residents using over ten computers connected to high speed communication network, thus, it is used as information culture space for locals. Besides, video meeting device is built, therefore, family meeting by video for multi-cultural family, video telephone for a family whose member stays far away and video meeting among digitalized villages are available.

special product

pot cover tomato
pot cover tomato
production period : Feb ~ May for each year

The tomato is produced in fertile soil of downstream area of Nakdong river with growing history over 50 years and the best technique and it is environmentally friendly agricultural product grown using only small amount of fertilizer, therefore, it rarely suffers from insects. In additions, it has rich 'lycopene' content, and, is redder than tomatoes from other places. Besides, it tastes rather hard, has lots of sugar and has good tomato's own taste and aroma, therefore, it sells in another countries such as Japan as well as in Korea.

river snail farming rice
river snail farming rice
production period : Oct. ~ Nov. each year

The production method doesn't use chemicals, and soil organic materials are continuously decomposed as protecting the useful soil creatures. Therefore, it can be considered the environmentally friendly farming method to contribute to the recover of soil fertility as improving physically and chemically the condition of soil which is acidified and contaminated by using chemicals without proper care. The rice grown by the method is welcome everywhere in Korea as the most safe rice.

tomato picking and farm stock experience
tomato picking and farm stock experience
period : May ~ July each year

Tomato experience learning center is run in the pot cover tomato village, the farming area in the city where sea water and river water meet each other. To taste the fresh tomatoes people grow themselves while picking tomatoes and rubbing them on the clothing and to pet the live stock such as chicken and rabbit etc. raised in the farm can be very unique experience to children.

weekend farm
weekend farm
period : April ~ December for each year

The village parcels out and runs the weekend farm to give the urban residents the chance to enjoy their leisure time and feel the happiness of growing with their family and provide the chance to improve their emotional condition through nature experience learning for children.