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migratory birds' habitat

Macdo eco-park
Macdo eco-park

The wide Nakdong river area including Myeongjidong, Sinhodong of Gangseogu to the west and part of Changwon city of Gyeongsangnamdo and reaching as far as Geumgokdong Bukgu via Jangrimdong and Hadandong from Dadaedong Sahagu Busan has been the famous migratory birds' habitat and it is protected as the natural monument.

There are many small and large delta areas such as Eusulkdo island and Ilwoongdo island etc. in the downstream area of the Nakdong river, and there are lots of preys such as plankton, shellfishes and small fish etc. for migratory birds as near the delta areas, the water is very shallow, there is lots of exchange between river water and sea water and mud flat is well developed at both sides of the river side.

The reed forest near the delta area is also the place where lots of migratory birds come as the place is full of preys for migratory birds and safe nests.

The reason many birds come to the downstream area of Nakdong river is that it is located in the southern tip of Korean peninsula, thus, it functions as the entrance for the migratory birds crossing the ocean and is a proper place for birds' winter life and mating as it is cool in summer and is warm in winter.

The birds over 43 family 130 species such as duck, snipe, white heron and white stork etc. are recorded, therefore, it is the place with very important meaning. Most of birds found in the river are so called a water bird, but there are also some birds of prey to eat water birds and small songbirds whose habitats are reed forest and plain.