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horse racing park

horse racing park
  • address : 929 Garakdaero Gangseogu Busan
  • a reference : 051-901-7114

The biggest and the first horse theme park in the country attracted the attention of parents and children as the place in Busan and Gyeongnam area worth visiting through the word of mouth even before it was opened.

horse racing park

As of now, Busan Gyeongnam Horse theme park are composed of totally six areas such as derby land, pony land, horse story land, horse island, eco land and horse racing land with the theme of horse.

The big horse theme park has many facilities family, couple and friends can enjoy.

horse racing park
time of use watching stand & family park: friday(09:30), weekends(09:00)
admission fee horse racing day : 1,000 won, free for non horse racing day ※ men of national merit, the disabled, senior citizen(over 65), minors etc. can get free admission tickets
parking facility parking is available
foreign language service nonapplicable
baby carriage rent applicable
convenience facility convenience facility : general information center, rental service center, toilet, smoking room, horse race ticket center
additional facilities: children's soccer field, children's playground, pony horse race field, family theme zone, daily sports zone international horse racing field, indoor horse race field, horse riding house
convenience facility for the disabled nonapplicable