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Maekdo eco-park

Maekdo eco-park

The park is located in the downstream side of Nakdong river and is designed for citizens to enjoy leisure and rest. It is the natural eco friendly space which was opened in Nov. 2006. It is so wide that there are grass field, wet land, street and parking lots etc. including 52,000 ㎡ of sports facility to span as hugely as into 2,548,000㎡ and it takes about two hours to look around the whole place.

Samrak river side park is in the opposite site of the river and the traffic is very convenient and easy to access as it takes about five minutes to come from Gimhae airport by a car.

Different from the common parks, it makes the most use of the wet land naturally formed at the side of Nakdong river and the grass field is built near the area, therefore, many plants including reed, lotus, sunflower and ground cover are growing along the side of a walk and according to each season, many insects such as butterfly, dragonfly, spider and bee etc. as well as many birds including white heron, mallard, and plover etc. come to the area. Besides, during the weekends, over thousands of Busan citizens come and enjoy leisure and rest. When it comes to the sports facilities, there are 3 soccer fields, baseball park, Jokcu court, volleyball court, tennis court, X-game site, basketball court, badminton court, gateball court and inline skating rink etc. and observatory deck, drinking fountain, pergola, flat chair, bicycle parking lot, outdoor table and toilets etc. are prepared for convenience facilities.

Maekdo eco-park

The plant guide board was rearranged, and flower park such as sunflower was designed in 2008 and the a traditional swing was installed. In additions, inducement board was built near the entrance of the park in 2009 and the park management office was decorated with murals for people to feel intimate and think about their childhood. Besides, the bicycle rental service with over 100 bicycles is provided during the weekdays and holidays.

  • inducement board to inform of the park and the park management office with which people can think of their childhood
  • various sports facilities such as soccer field, baseball park and inline skating rink etc. and the free bicycle rental service
  • the charming pumpkin vine tunnel and three observation decks to watch the wet land naturally formed

how to reach us

by a car
  • Gangseogu office -> the direction of Gimhae airport -> west Busan toll gate -> take U turn after waiting for the first traffic signal past Maekdo irrigation pump site
  • Hadan(Eulsukdo) -> Myeongji market -> go straight by about 4km in the direction of west Busan toll gate
village micro bus
  • Gangseo No.13,
    first bus 05:30, last bus 22:40, the interval : 20 minutes for weekday, 25 minutes for weekends and vacation period