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How are you, everyone?

This is No Gitae, the chief of Gangseo-gu office, Busan.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our homepage and
I feel really thankful for giving me a chance to lead
our Gu district as elected by popular vote for
sixth governing member.

We, Gangseogu, is the origin of the civilization of the antient time country called Gaya, have hugely beautiful natural environment such as rivers, mountains, a ocean and plains etc and it is the place where humans and nature is in great harmony to prepare for the bright future with kind and warm-hearted attitude.

We are rising as the center for economy and distribution in Northeast Asia through many industrial complexes such as Busan new port, and Noksan national industrial district with excellent traffic conditions having Gimhae international airport, highway and subway systems etc. In additions, we will become the place full of competitiveness and charm to grow as environment friendly eco-city and world class business area in near future when up-scale local development projects are wrapped up such as Myeongji international new city, echo delta city and special research and development district etc.

I will do my best to build 'Gangseo, the future top level city of Busan' full of hope and happiness as listening to even small voice of our citizens and leading our place in the way to move our district residents.

I look forward to sincere and constant support from you.

Thank you very much.

chief of Gangseo-gu office

No Gitae