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Gangseo library keeps over 50,000 materials and is locals' regional information cultural center to carry out the responsibility of cultural delivery to collect and maintain the intellectual cultural assets systematically and inherit them to our offsprings.

All the workers of this library promptly provide various books and digital materials to lead the cultural era of 21st century and do our best to accomplish the duty as the general culture space.

division telephone No. office hour
general reference room (051) 970-4068 Tue. - Fri.: 09:00~22:00
Sat.: 09:00~18:00
Sun.: 09:00~17:00
children's reference room (051) 970-3476
electronic information room (051) 970-3478 Tue. - Sat.: 09:00~18:00
Sun.: 09:00~17:00
reading room Tue. - Sun.: 07:00~23:00

※closed on : every Monday and the national holiday, the specific day the library chief considers necessary

how to use

how to borrow books
  • how many books to borrow at a time and rental period : five books, two weeks(no extension)
  • whenever to borrow, bring the library membership card
how to return books
  • return books to a reference room, can't borrow books for as many days as return day passes
  • return books to the office when the reference room is closed
  • when the borrowed book is lost or damaged, the borrower needs to pay as much as the value of the original book.
material copy and output
  • target : library materials
  • method : purchase copy card at general reference room or electronic information room → copy or print out
  • place : 2nd floor general reference room(copy) 3rd floor electronic information room (print out)
how to reach us
  • bus
    • 307 (get off at Gangseo Bright center)
  • express bus
    • 1009 (get off at the Deukdu market)
  • village micro bus
    • 3 (Deukdu~urban rail line 1 Hadan station)
    • 11 (Woolman~Gupo market)
    • 13 (urban rail line 1 Hadan station~Deukcheon elementary school)
  • when to transfer the urban rail
    • transfer to No. 307 but or No.11 or 13 village micro bus from urban rail line 3 Gangseogu office station
    • transfer to No. 3 or 13 village micro bus from urban rail line 1 Hadan station
  • light rail transit
    • transfer to Deukdu station of light rail transit from urban rail line 3 Daejeo station
    • transfer to Deukdu station of light rail transit from urban rail line 2 Sasang station
library parking facility
  • the basement parking lot in the Gangseo Bright center