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Cultural Asset

1. national designation

Nakdonggang river downstream migratory bird habitat(natural monument No.179)

Photo of Nakdonggang river

location : It is part of Nakdonggang river downstream area, and starting from Daejeosumun, it is near the beach reaching the main branch of Nakdonggang river, the coastal area of west Nakdonggang river, and the river downstream area, and connecting from Hongti village, Dadaedong, Sahagu to Ahdongdo of Gadeukdodong and from the southern tip of Angok village, Woongdongdong, Changwon city to Gojik village of Gadeukdodong. In additions, Jinwooddo, Sinho rhee of Noksandong, Daemadeung Jangjado of Myeongji dong and Eulsukdo area of Sinjado Handandong are also included in this place.

The type of cultural asset: Nationally designated cultural asset natural monument No. 179

The date to be designated as the cultural asset: Jul. 13, 1966

The bird type: includes over 100 species of birds such as winter bird, summer bird and migratory bird

2. designated by city

3. undesignated

4. battle field

5. metal and rock type cultural asset

6. moulding cultural asset